Colorectal Cancer Follow-up Care

Blue Notes for Primary Care artwork

The South West Regional Cancer Program has developed a resource guide for primary care providers to help manage patients who are transitioning to colorectal cancer survivorship.

Blue Notes follows the incredible success of Pink Notes, which helps providers care for breast cancer patients in the follow up phase of their journey. Both resource guides provide instruction and education to assist providers in identifying and managing common symptoms and issues related to cancer survivorship.

The colourful series of notes were created in response to an initiative launched by Cancer Care Ontario aimed at facilitating an earlier discharge of “well” cancer patients from tertiary care centres back to primary care providers in the region. The shift in moving follow up care from surgeons and specialists to primary care sooner not only improves access for newly diagnosed cancer patients, but it allows follow up care and diagnostics to be performed in care settings closer to the patients’ homes.

Blue Notes includes:

  • Surveillance Guidelines
  • History and Physical
  • General Guidelines
  • General Symptom Management
  • Psychosocial Concerns
  • Ostomy Concerns and Resources
  • Surgery Symptom Management
  • Medication Sympotm Management
  • Radiation Symptom Management
  • Secondary Prevention Counselling
Click here to view the Blue Notes resource guide.
Click here to view the mobile web app.

If you are a primary care provider, and wish to request a hardcopy of Blue Notes, contact Jane VanBilsen: